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Sean is a Vancouver-based photographer whose work centers on
capturing the architecture of both humankind and nature through a surreal

Sean’s photographs represent a fleeting moment, the arrival and passing
of time that can never be repeated. With a combination of creativity and luck,
the artist’s perspective of a given moment can be transmitted to a
viewer, and it’s that elusive instant that Sean seeks to capture.

The hallmarks of his work are permutations of shape,shadow, and symmetry,
providing a fresh view of otherwise familiar scenes.

If the camera lens, the environment and the artist’s eye work in harmony, then something illusory and
ephemeral may be passed along to others. In that instant, the vastness of the world, the immensity of time,
and the smallness of an individual life combine to produce something new.
Those moments are what compels Sean to keep doing what he loves.

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